Since I Found My Saviour (Hymn)

Since I Found My Saviour
Eliza Hewitt

Life wears a different face to me,
Since I found my Savior;
Rich mercy at the cross I see,
My dying, living Savior.

Golden sunbeams round me play;

Jesus turns my night to day;
Heaven seems not far away,
Since I found my Savior.

He sought me in His wondrous love,
So I found my Savior;
He brought salvation from above,
My dear, almighty Savior.


The passing clouds may intervene,
Since I found my Savior;
But He is with me, though unseen,
My ever present Savior.


A strong hand kindly holds my own,
Since I found my Savior;
It leads me onward to the throne,
Oh, there I’ll see my Savior!


There truly is a difference when the Lord Jesus comes.  I think that any person who has found the Saviour can sing this song, which is a great one about the joys that He brings to those that know Him.  It is a great thing to think about Him, sing about Him, and praise His name for all that He has done for us and in our lives!

2 responses to this post.

  1. What a difference Jesus makes! Thanks Ben and God bless you!


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