What Should We Do? Pt. 1

For he that in these things serveth Christ is acceptable to God, and approved of men.  Let us therefore follow after the things which make for peace, and things wherewith one may edify another.  For meat destroy not the work of God.  All things indeed are pure; but it is evil for that man who eateth with offence.  It is good neither to eat flesh, nor drink wine, nor any thing whereby thy brother stumbleth, or is offended, or is made weak. 

Romans 14:18-21

Sometimes we need to make a decision about something that might be questionable.  It might be something simple or it might simply be something that is not specifically addressed in the Bible.  Whatever the reason, there are many things in this passage that can help us to make those decisions.  We will look at a couple of them in the next day or two.

The first thing we can see is this: we need to do the things that are “acceptable to God, and approved of men.”  Those two criteria will help us to solve many of life’s problems and make good and Scriptural decisions.

There are some things that may be approved of men but are not acceptable to God.  The further away the world gets from God, the more and more things will be acceptable to men.  But God has been specific about what He accepts.  He does not change.  We need to do all things that are acceptable to Him.

On the other hand, there may be some things that aren’t technically sins, but might cause another person to stumble.  For example, I could go to a bar, sit at the bar all day and sip water.  There is nothing sinful about drinking water.  But seeing me in that situation might cause someone to stumble or fall.  That would not be “approved of men.”

“Acceptable to God, and approved of men” – just using those two criteria will be a tremendous help to us in our Christian lives!

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