The Battle

Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good.

Romans 12:21

There is a battle that is raging all around us.  Sometimes we may not even be aware that it exists.  But it does exist and we are all involved.  It is the battle between good and evil.

This verse tells us to “Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good.”  There is good and evil.  And one is going to overcome the other.  We know that, in the end, the Lord Jesus (and good) will ultimately triumph.  But, in the “little battles” that are fought every day, either may win or lose.

We are to use good to overcome evil.  There is much evil in the world today.  We can see it all around us every day.  But our good is supposed to be so strong that it overcomes the evil.  Like the shining light on the top of the lighthouse breaks through the darkness and gloom, our “good” is supposed to shine through and overcome the darkness.

But how often is it the other way around?  How often do Christians allow evil to overcome their good?  We are to be shining lights in this world.  But so many Christians have let their lights become dim.  When Christians don’t let their lights shine, the evil in the world overcomes the good.

What are we doing today?  Are we helping the cause of good, truth and right?  Or are we allowing the evil in the world to overcome us?  How brightly is our light shining today?  With all of the evil in the world, we need to be shining as brightly as we can!

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