You Should Have Listened

And when neither sun nor stars in many days appeared, and no small tempest lay on us, all hope that we should be saved was then taken away.  But after long abstinence Paul stood forth in the midst of them, and said, Sirs, ye should have hearkened unto me, and not loosed from Crete, and to have gained this harm and loss.  And now I exhort you to be of good cheer: for there shall be no loss of any man’s life among you, but of the ship.

Acts 27:21-23

Fools because of their transgression, and because of their iniquities, are afflicted.  Their soul abhorreth all manner of meat; and they draw near unto the gates of death.  Then they cry unto the Lord in their trouble, and he saveth them out of their distresses.

Psalm 107:17-19

God is good to us.  In the passage in Acts, Paul warned the captain of the ship not to sail because they would run into serious problems.  The captain did not listen to him and sailed anyway.  They ran into a huge storm and feared for their lives.  Paul then stood up and said “Sirs, ye should have hearkened unto me…”  You should have listened to me… but you didn’t and now we’re in a mess.  How many times in our lives has something similar been said to us (or thought about us)?  Probably more than once.  “You should have listened to me and now you have problems because you didn’t.”

But after reminding them that they should have listened, Paul comforted them and told them that none of their lives would be lost.  That reminded me of Psalm 107.  Fools do foolish things and have problems because of their foolishness.  They didn’t listen and their problems are their own fault.  But – “then they cry unto the Lord in their trouble, and he saveth them out of their distresses.”  God still has mercy on us even though we often don’t listen the first time He speaks to us.  God is good!

2 responses to this post.

  1. The sooner we leave our rebellion and begin listening the sooner we find our lives turning around.


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