O Land of Rest (Hymn)

O Land of Rest
Elizabeth Mills

O land of rest, for thee I sigh;
When will the moment come,
When I shall lay my armour by,
And dwell with Christ at home?

No tranquil joys on earth I know,
No peaceful sheltering done;
This world’s a wilderness of woe;
This world in not my home.

To Jesus Christ I sought for rest;
He bade me cease to roam,
And fly for succor to his breast,
And he’d conduct me home.

When by affliction sharply tried,
I view the gaping tomb,
Although I dread death’s chilling tide,
Yet still I sigh for home.

Weary of wandering round and round
This vale of sin and gloom,
I long to leave the unhallowed ground,
And dwell with Christ at home.

Does life ever seem to get you down?  Some days it seems like everything in this world is falling apart.  It seems like evil and sin are winning the battle.  It is during those times that we can relate to this hymn.  “Land of rest, for thee I sigh…”  We think about all of the negativity in the world, and we can’t help but just want to “lay our armour by, and dwell with Christ at home.”  There is coming a day of rest, and what a glorious day it will be!

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