Weeping Over A City

And when he was come near, he beheld the city, and wept over it…

Luke 19:41

As Christians, we are supposed to be “Christ-like.”  The very word “Christian” mean “little-Christ.”  Since we are supposed to be like Christ, we need to find out what Christ does and how He lived His life, so that we might do the same.  In this passage, we find Him looking at the city of Jerusalem.  In the following verses, He foretold of the judgments and horrors that would descend on it for its rejection of Him.  The people and the city were going to be destroyed and He knew it.  He could see it.  While the city below Him was seemingly peaceful and prospering, it had rejected Him and He knew it.  But still, far from being happy about the judgment of those who had rejected Him, He had compassion on them.  We can learn from that compassion.  We can emulate that compassion.

How often have we wept over a city or wept over a lost soul?  Have we ever wept over those who have rejected the Lord Jesus?  We can, like Jesus, look out at the mass of humanity in our cities and neighborhoods and see the judgment that is coming.  We can look out and see the people who have turned their backs on the Lord Jesus Christ, and we can see what their future has in store.  Does seeing these things and thinking about them ever make us weep?  Does it even make us sad?  Or do we just try to ignore it?  Do we try to not think about these things?

It is indeed a hard and convicting thing to think about.  But if we are going to be followers of Christ, we are going to need to emulate Him.  And part of that is having a heart full of pity and compassion on those who do not know Him.

4 responses to this post.

  1. Thank you for reminding us of this and helping us pray! God bless you!


  2. May God fill us with hearts passionate to win the lost.


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