Filled With Wrath

And all they in the synagogue, when they heard these things, were filled with wrath.

Luke 4:28

When Jesus taught in the synagogue, not everyone was happy.  Even though they “wondered at the gracious words which proceeded out of his mouth (vs. 22),”  they still weren’t thrilled with the message that He was bringing them.  In fact, they were “filled with wrath.”

The words of Jesus are going to cause many reactions.  The reason for this is that being confronted with Jesus is to be confronted with our need for Him.  Being confronted with Jesus is to get a glimpse into our own sinfulness and unworthiness.  Being confronted with Jesus puts us in the position of realizing our utter dependence on Him.  The reaction to those thoughts is as varied as the people who have them.

Some will react by throwing themselves at His feet and begging Him for mercy.  Some will react indifferently, choosing to try to ignore Him by immersing themselves in everything that doesn’t involve Him or even the thought of Him.  Others will flatly reject Him, not necessarily out of hatred for Him, but out of confidence in themselves.  And then there are those, like the ones in this passage, that will vehemently reject Him with hearts full of wrath toward Him.

He specifically told them that “No prophet is accepted in his own country.”  It must have been a terrible thing to have been there hearing Jesus teach and seeing the Old Testament prophecies being fulfilled before their eyes, only to completely miss it.  History would show the judgment that these Christ hating people would bring on their descendents.  They were so close but missed Him by so much.

How do we react when confronted with Him?  Do we react to His Words by bowing at His feet, or do we react to His Words with hearts full of indifference or even anger?  May the Lord help us to always react in a way that honours and glorifies Him.

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