The Way Back (Psalm 51), Part VI

Behold, thou desirest truth in the inward parts: and in the hidden part thou shalt make me to know wisdom.

Psalm 51:6

The fifty-first Psalm is one of my favorite Psalms and one of my favorite chapters in the Bible.  It is the song and prayer of David’s confession after his sins of adultery with Bathsheeba and subsequent murder of her husband, Uriah.  In my opinion, this chapter is the best example in the Bible of a prayer of a true penitent.  If we ever find ourselves having sinned, this is the chapter that shows us “the way back to God.”  We will take a couple of weeks and look at it verse by verse.

In verse six, we find David’s understanding of what the Lord is looking for in us in our confession and repentance.  He tells us that what the Lord wants is “truth in the inward parts…”  That is often a tough one.  One of the keys to obtaining forgiveness and mercy from the Lord is an honest appraisal of ourselves and of our sinfulness.  “Truth in the inward parts” is often a difficult thing.  We have a natural tendency to want to lie to ourselves.  We have a natural tendency to want to tell ourselves that, even in the midst of sin, everything is just fine.  We tell ourselves that over and over, and eventually, we start to believe that lie.

That is how people can backslide.  They sin, and they tell themselves that they are fine.  But that is not what the Lord wants.   He wants truth in the inward parts.  He wants us to be honest with ourselves and honest with Him.  If we will be honest with Him and honest with ourselves, we will get to the second part of the verse: “…thou shalt make me to know wisdom.”  If we will be honest with ourselves, God will give us wisdom.  David understood that, and we need to understand it too.

We can’t get anywhere until we are honest.  And that honesty begins in our own hearts.

2 responses to this post.

  1. Really good post, Ben. . .thank you for showing us how backsliding starts, by us thinking we are fine when we are not. I remember a time when I thought that too, and you are so right. I had wandered from God, from that closeness. He told me that He wanted so much more for me than to just be “fine”. 🙂 God bless you and yours!


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