Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself.  Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.

Matthew 6:34

How often do we worry about things?  How often do we lose sleep over things we think we can see coming down the road?  How often do spend our time thinking about situations and the about the worst things that can possibly happen?  I don’t think that is how the Father would have us to live.

This verse tells us to “take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself.”  Tomorrow is going to come and bring with it what the Lord wants it to bring.  It is going to come, whether we worry about it or not.

When you think about it, worry really is pointless.  Worrying, by its definition, is stressing ourselves over things that haven’t happened yet.  I heard one person say that worrying is paying interest on tomorrow’s problems.  I don’t like paying interest and I don’t like worrying about things that may or may not come to pass.  Just last night, I heard a lady tell about a situation she had to deal with.  She was stressed about it for a long time, but when it finally came, she made it through and said that worrying about it was far worse than the situation.  Isn’t that the way it usually goes?

We as Christians shouldn’t be constantly worrying about tomorrow simply because it shows a lack of faith in our Father.  If we truly believe that the Lord loves us and has everything under control, we are going to trust that He also has whatever situation that we are worrying about under control.

We have not yet been given tomorrow.  We have been given today.  Let us this day that the Lord has given us to live for Him and do what we can with what He has given us.

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  1. Thanks Ben! God has been teaching me not to worry about my schedule. I struggle with this a lot. He has promised me that when my schedule is too full He will sovereignly move things off of my plate. HE has been faithful to do this and yet I still struggle because I am not in control of it!


    • It is so hard to feel not in control. Of course, it is a little comforting to know that the Creator of the universe is in control, but sometimes the flesh still thinks it should be me calling all the shots. How silly am I?


  2. Thank you, Ben

    How very appropriate!

    It is 2:00am where I live and I woke up with some unsettling thoughts. I spoke with Papa a bit, then decided to catch up on some blog reading … how wonderful of Him to have left this here for me! Thanks for your obedience.

    @ Pastor J … “HE has been faithful to do this and yet I still struggle because I am not in control of it!” yep, I think I get that too …I gotta learn to give it to Him and walk away. He doesn’t need me micromanaging what I ask Him to take care of! 😦

    Blessings much,


    • Oh Ann, you showed me something precious and something that He helped me experience first hand. I was micro managed last week and it wasn’t very nice! haha!What patience it must take even for an oh so patient Papa!!! I don’t want to do that to Him or anyone else! Thank you!


    • Glad it was a blessing! I was stressing out last night about some minor things and I remembered posting this and I told my wife that I should take my own advice! 🙂


  3. Ben, I sometimes like to just say that I’m “concerned” thinking that sounds better. haha! But He knows if it’s really worrying or not. Praying to get better at just praying so there is no need to worry! God bless you and thanks for your help always!


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