Hear Ye The Master’s Call (Hymn)

Hear Ye the Master’s Call
S.C. Kirk

Hear ye the Master’s call, “Give Me thy best!”
For, be it great or small, that is His test.
Do then the best you can, not for reward,
Not for the praise of men, but for the Lord.

Every work for Jesus will be blest,
But He asks from everyone his best.
Our talents may be few, these may be small,
But unto Him is due our best, our all.

Wait not for men to laud, heed not their slight;
Winning the smile of God brings its delight!
Aiding the good and true ne’er goes unblessed,
All that we think or do, be it the best.


Night soon comes on apace, day hastens by;
Workman and work must face testing on high.
Oh, may we in that day find rest, sweet rest,
Which God has promised those who do their best.


I have seen this hymn titled “Our Best,” but found it in a hymnal under “Hear Ye the Master’s Call.”  Whatever the official title is, it’s a great hymn.  Any song or hymn that encourages us to “do our best” is a good one.  When you think about it, that’s really all we can do – our best.  And that is what God wants and expects out of us.  It is so vitally important to remember that, whatever our abilities and talents, every work for Him will be blessed.  It is also important to remember that “night soon comes…” We only have a short time to do something for the Lord – let’s get busy!

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  1. Thanks Ben

    I agree, this is a wonderful hymn! Never heard it before but I’m off to search YouTube!



  2. I loved this and thinking about us doing our best for Him. And that with Him, our best is enough! I also liked, “we only have a short time to do something for the Lord.” That is so true. I want to do my best now . . .and not wait a moment longer! God bless you Ben, for our encouragement today.


  3. This song has always blessed my heart. It is one of my favorites. I enjoyed singing this with my best man. It encourages me to do my best knowing that it is God working in me to will and to do of his good pleasure.


  4. Posted by Don Golden on December 16, 2013 at 8:06 am

    Sadly it was removed from Hymnals in 1975. I don’t understand. It is such an awesome encouragement to Christian living.


    • That is sad – it’s always sad when good hymns like this are removed. I know that you can’t put every song in a hymnal, but this seems like one I would definitely want in there!


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