A Higher Way, Part IV

Give to him that asketh of thee, and from him that would borrow of thee turn not thou away.

Matthew 5:42

Whenever I read this verse, I can’t help but think about seeing beggars on the street.  I know that this is not the only application, but that’s the one that always comes to my mind.  Whenever we are in a “big city,” my wife and I will see people who others would call “bums”, “drifters”, “winos,” etc.  You know the type.  They are there, sitting on the sidewalk, dressed in not much more than rags, usually dirty, and usually with some kind of a cup for money.  Since I don’t live in an area like that, it’s always kind of shocking to see people living that way.

It might not be right, but we always give them money.  I know; some people might say that “they’ll just use it for booze or drugs.”  And that might be true.  But whenever I see someone like that, I think of a couple of things:

First, I think of the old quote: “But for the grace of God, there go I.”  The only reason that I am not lying in the street somewhere is the grace of God.  It is certainly not because of anything that I have done.  When I see a man lying in rags on the street, I don’t think “what a bum,” I think “but for the grace of God, there go I.”

Second, I think of verses like this.  “Give to him that asketh of thee…”  The beggar on the street is “asking of me.”  According to this verse, I should not turn him away.  Maybe I am not applying this verse correctly, but we are commanded to give over and over again.  I know that there is only so much we can give and only so many people we can give to, but we are commanded to be generous.

I applied this verse a little more specifically today than I usually do.  Tomorrow, we will look at the general principle a little more in depth.

2 responses to this post.

  1. Ben, thank you so much. That is my reaction too . .. I just want to give them something, even if I don’t have much on me at that time. It just feels so wrong, for me, to walk on by. I too, don’t live around people in need like this all the time, so it really impacts me. God bless you as you help us look closer at this verse!


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