If Walls Could Talk

Thou hast consulted shame to thy house by cutting off many people, and hast sinned against thy soul.  For the stone shall cry out of the wall, and the beam out of the timber shall answer it.  Woe to him that buildeth a town with blood, and stablisheth a city by iniquity.

Habakkuk 2:10-12

When I read these verses, I couldn’t help but think of the old saying “if only walls could talk.”  That is an interesting thought.  What if walls could talk?  I was tearing down the ceiling in one of the rooms in my house the other day, and I found a receipt from JC Penneys from 1961.  I also found a 1963 dime.  It was interesting to think about what this person had bought at Penneys over 50 years ago and where that dime had come from.  If walls could talk, I’m sure they would have some interesting stories.

In these verses, we are told that walls will talk: “the stone shall cry out of the wall, and the beam out of the timber shall answer it.”  In these verses, the walls and beams will testify against the people.  “Woe to him that buildeth a town with blood…”  My question for today is this: what would our walls say about us?

Our walls “see” things no one else sees.  They witness our successes and our failures.  What would they say if they were asked about us?  Would our private life match our public confession or would we be seen as pretending hypocrites?  That is a tough question.  How much “secret sin” have our walls witnessed?  How much “secret prayer” have they witnessed?  What would they say?  How do we really live?  Let us strive to live our lives for the Lord, both publicly and privately, and give our walls something good to talk about!

5 responses to this post.

  1. What a powerful exhortation Ben! Thank you!


  2. I read a quote that said to use our gentlest voices at home. The walls and our families would like that, as well as our Jesus.
    God bless you, Ben, and the thoughts He leads you to!


  3. Thanks, Ben

    I’m reading and taking notes 🙂

    Loved what Deb said!

    Off I go. Thanks for the sharp truths.


    P.S. … wonder what’s in my ceiling 🙂


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