What’s In A Name?

It was round about eighteen thousand measures: and the name of the city from that day shall be, The LORD is there.

Ezekiel 48:35

I do not confess to know everything about the book of Ezekiel.  In fact, there are many, many things in the book that deal with prophecy that I do not understand.  Being a prophetic book, there are many things contained in it that have not yet happened.  Of course I do not understand all of those things.  This is the last verse in the book of Ezekiel and, while I do not understand everything about it, (or about the preceding 34 verses) I do get a wonderful picture of this city just by the name that it will be given: “The LORD is there.”

Prophetically, I believe that this is the city spoken of Revelation 21.  Practically and devotionally, it should be every city in which Christians reside today.  The new heaven and new earth spoken of in the Revelation will be wonderful beyond words.  And this city which is described for us will also be wonderful beyond words.  But think about the name that the city is given: “The LORD is there.”  In that future city, the Lord will literally and physically be there.  But even today, it could be said of every city in which you find a Christian.  You could say about my city “The Lord is there” because I am here and the Holy Spirit dwells within me.  If you are a Christian, it could be said of your city, “The Lord is there.”  What a great thought!

As I was thinking about this, a convicting thought came to me: would anyone actually say “The Lord is there?”  Could someone come to where I live and notice that there is something different?  How much a difference has He made in my life, and by extension, the life of the community around me?  That is a tough question.

2 responses to this post.

  1. That is a tough question, Ben, but sometimes we need to ask them! Thank you for doing it in a non-condemning way, always pointing us to Him. I love that too . . .the Lord is there. Praying to live like that now!


    • That’s what I am praying too! I want people to be able to see Him in me, but I fear that too often, I get in the way and people see only me when they look at me. Always trying to do better!


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