Interesting Names

And I will pour my fury upon Sin, the strength of Egypt; and I will cut off the multitude of No.  And I will set fire in Egypt: Sin shall have great pain, and No shall be rent asunder, and Noph shall have distresses daily.

Ezekiel 30:15-16

I love the wording of these verses.  There are some things that just can’t possibly be coincidences.  And I think that the names of these places in Egypt are not coincidences.  I understand that “Sin” is actually Pelusium, in the northeast of Egypt.  I understand that “No” is actually Thebes, in the south of Egypt.  And the technical interpretation of the verse is that the Lord is going to destroy all of Egypt – from the top to the bottom, north to south, end to end.  That in itself is a good lesson.  But think of the word pictures these verses provide:

“And I will pour my fury upon Sin.”  How true is that?  God will pour out His fury on sin.  The greatest example of His fury being poured out on sin is the cross.  There Jesus became sin for us, and was forsaken by the Father.  That is the fury He pours out on sin.

“Sin shall have great pain.”  I have never experienced pain in my life like the pain that has been brought on by my own sin.  Sin may seem pleasurable, but in the end, it brings great pain.

“I will cut off the multitude of No.”  How many people have no to the Lord.  The children of Israel said no to Him over and over.  I would say that there is a multitude of people today who have said no to Him.  And He is going to cut off that multitude that has rejected Him.

I am fascinated by the double application of these verses.  You could just keep going with different applications and they would all probably be accurate.  Also interesting is that, in the Bible, Egypt is a type of the world.   

“Sin, the strength of Egypt…”  Sin is the strength of the world.  Sin is the allure of the world.  Any way you cut these verses, you come up with the fact that God is going to judge Sin severely.

6 responses to this post.

  1. I think the multiple applications here are neat too. It’s sad that many of the new versions have changed the names of these cities, and thus, have lost these great and meaningful applications and truths.


  2. Thank you, Ben. You are so often a voice in the wilderness for us. God bless you!


  3. Thanks, Ben

    I read this and went around the wilderness and here I am again! 🙂 Thanks for your ministry to us.

    One Bible, so many verses, so many opportunities to share Him.



    • There are so many great verses that can tell us so much. We could spend an entire lifetime studying and learning and never even begin to scratch the surface. It’s an honor to just be able to read it. Thanks!


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