Written With Ink In The Book

Then Baruch answered them, He pronounced all these words unto me with his mouth, and I wrote them with ink in the book.

Jeremiah 36:18

I would like to take a minute today and just say that I am thankful for my Bible.  In this verse, Baruch is explaining what He did in penning the words of the Lord through the prophet Jeremiah.  He says that he “wrote them with ink in the book.”  I am so very glad that I have the very words of God “written with ink in the Book.” 

Can you imagine if we were dependent on our memory for what God had said?  I don’t know if any of you have this problem, but I would forget my own head if it weren’t attached.  I forget everything.  I have found myself looking for my keys while they were in my hand.  I have searched frantically for the hat that I was wearing.  Maybe I am alone in these things, but I suspect not.  I am thankful that I have God’s words written down with ink in the Book.  I can look at them as often as I want.  I can study them as much as I want.  If I forget something that the Book said, I can always look and find it again.  What a blessing!

Our church currently has a missionary to a small country that does not have a reliable Bible in its own language.  This missionary is working to get the “words written with ink in the book” in these peoples’ native language.  But what a privilege we have!  What a glorious thing that we hold in our hands- the Word of God.

It never ceases to amaze me just how easy it is to have a Bible.  There have been people throughout history who never saw a Bible.  There have been people who treasured a few pages or scraps of the Blessed Book.  I just saw a whole pile of complete Bibles and another pile of New Testaments at Dollar Tree for $1 each.  Imagine that- the precious Book that many have died for and have longed for could be had for pocket change.  We should be thankful every day that we have God’s words “written with ink in the Book!”

4 responses to this post.

  1. Thanks Ben,

    “But what a privilege we have! What a glorious thing that we hold in our hands- the Word of God.”
    I am thankful and convicted at the same time.

    We have many Bibles in our home. Different versions, different editions. We don’t read them all everyday. And there are many believers around the world literally dying for the Word…

    I support our missions focus at church but you just showed me something else that I can do!

    God bless your ministry, Teacher Ben. You say so much through so little.



    • Thanks, Ann. It really is a blessing and privilege that we have to have such easy access to the Bible. I fear that, too often, we ignore it and are not as thankful for it as we should be.


  2. Thank you, Ben, for this beautiful post about our beautiful bibles. After reading an account of a lady who gave out bibles throughout her lifetime . . .I was so touched. I started donating $5 a month – not much, doable for me – to Open Doors, so they can provide a bible to someone in an area where Christians are persecuted.
    God bless you as you cherish His word!


    • That sounds like a great opportunity. I will have to check that out. I recently read about a ministry that smuggles Bibles into middle eastern countries. It is such a privilege!


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