Sloth and Decay

By much slothfulness the building decayeth; and through idleness of the hands the house droppeth through.

Ecclesiastes 10:18

Sloth and idleness are things about which the Bible has much to say.  There are many very practical applications in the Bible and we would do well to heed them.  This verse gives us a practical warning about the results of sloth and idleness, or, as we call them now, laziness and boredom. 

I often drive past farm houses that are worn down and falling apart.  It’s obvious that nobody has lived in them for years.  Sometimes when I see a house like that, I wonder what it looked like fifty or even twenty years ago.  At some point, there was probably a family living there.  At some point, that house was the pride and joy of its owner.  Lives were lived and memories were made there.  But at some point, whoever lived there stopped taking care of the place.  Maybe it wasn’t intentional.  Maybe the people moved away and had no one to take care of it.  Maybe the owner just grew too old to take care of it.  There are a thousand different possibilities, but the fact that the house is abandoned and falling apart remains.

It is the same in our lives.  When we don’t work on our lives, our “building” starts to decay.  When we don’t work on our relationship with the Lord, that “house” starts to fall apart. 

Also notice that the building decays by “much” slothfulness.  Our Christian lives don’t fall apart when we neglect one thing one time just as the house didn’t fall apart because the owner didn’t immediately fix a leaky faucet.  But every time we neglect something in our Christian lives, we are one step closer to “falling apart.”  We need to do our best to stay on top of things.  We need to make sure that we immediately “fix” any problems that come between us and the Lord.  And, in doing so, we will not fall into the category of “slothful” and our building will not start to decay.

2 responses to this post.

  1. I really liked this, Ben, and the encouragement to not neglect our relationship with Him. I’m not sure who said it, maybe Oswald Chambers, but they said to let everything else go, if we must, except that. I know there is so much emphasis put on relationships, and I understand, but the pressure! So I am always trusting that as I keep my relationship with Him real and alive, it will carry over into all others. Thank you!


    • I know I’ve neglected that relationship far, far too often and for far, far too long. My “house” has been in need of major repairs. But I’m so thankful that He doesn’t write us off and He keeps dealing with us. And it is so true that having a right relationship with Him helps us to have a right relationship with others.


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