The Breath of God

By the breath of God frost is given: and the breadth of the waters is straitened.

Job 37:10

Personally, I love the imagery that the Bible provides in many places.  I did a short series on this blog about the imagery in Isaiah 37.  There are a number of verses in the book of Job in which God gives us some wonderful pictures.  Our mortal minds are always going to have trouble really grasping any concepts of God and of eternity.  Our minds are finite and thus not able to accurately frame the vastness and power of the Lord.  I think that God gives us this imagery to help us get a tiny glimpse of Himself.

This verse jumped out at me, as I enjoy cool weather and I am looking forward to the first frost of the year.  “By the breath of God frost is given.”  Frost is such a beautiful thing.  When you go outside on a crisp fall morning, you see a beautiful blanket of white crystals covering everything.  It imparts a blueish-white tint to everything. 

Think of the ground being blanketed by a layer of frost and then think of this verse: “By the breath of God frost is given.”  I can imagine God breathing and covering a vast area with frost.  His breath touches and tints everything.  It is not spotty and “hit or miss.”  It is everywhere all at once.  It covers everything.

As I was thinking about the title of this post, it occurred to me that “God-breathed” is used to define the word “inspiration” in terms of the Bible being inspired or “God-breathed.”  You could make several applications there, not the least of which would be that God’s Word should “blanket” our lives. It should touch everything in our lives.  It should be “new every morning.”  It should not just cover “our yard”, it should touch all of those around us. 

You can make your own applications, but I just love reading about and thinking about the God of creation.

4 responses to this post.

  1. Ben, What an awesome thought: “God’s Word should ”blanket” our lives.” I love that and pray that it will come true for all Christians. So often we only want God’s Word to touch and change certain parts of our lives, and we want to reserve others for ourselves. But His Word should completely cover all that we do and all that we are. Peace, Linda


  2. Hi Ben! So much of the Bible is beautifully, poetically worded. Like the frost by God’s breath. And then, to see you going further with that, to His word blanketing us . . .not in a hit or miss fashion either. Ah . .. an inspired connection. Thanks for taking us along with you as you journey through His word! God bless!


    • I really do love the imagery the Bible provides. It’s so fascinating to me to think about things like “by the breath of God the frost is given.” I have really enjoyed doing this blog as I have been going through the Bible and I appreciate the fact that there is someone who reads it and is encouraged by it!


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