Pleading With God

O that one might plead for a man with God, as a man pleadeth for his neighbour!

Job 16:21

After I first read this verse, I started thinking about it.  Some verses lend themselves to more than one application, and this is one of those verses, to me.  I will write about one today and the other tomorrow.  I’m sure that there are many applications to this verse and most others, which is one of the most amazing things about the Bible.  Ten people can read a passage and the Lord will speak to each of them a little differently from it, bringing out and highlighting different things.  As I have learned from this blog, even just seeing a verse from a slightly different perspective can really bring out something some of us hadn’t thought of before.  Anyway.

My first thought about this verse was that we should be the ones “pleading for a man with God.”  We plead with people all of the time.  We try to get them to espouse our political views or our favorite sports teams or any on of a number of various things.  But how often do we really plead with God “for a man?”  There are many people that we know who don’t know Jesus.  How are doing at pleading with God for them?  There are Christians we know who are not living like Christians and have fallen into “the snare of the devil.”  (II Timothy 2:26)  How are we doing at pleading with God for them?  Even our Christian friends who seem to have everything together may be facing some trial or temptation unknown to us.  How are doing at pleading with God for them?  It’s a convicting question.  When you think about it, everyone that we know needs our prayers.  As long as we are human, we are going to need prayer and we are going to need God’s help.

Are there people in our lives today whose problems are crying out “O that one might plead for a man with God?”  Let us always be in a spirit of prayer and pleading for those who need it!

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  1. Posted by Earlene Peace on September 23, 2010 at 7:35 am

    Our pastor spoke on Job 9:33 last night. He spoke on the word “daysman”. He said that his understanding of the word was that this was someone who could go to God for you and could also help you go to God. Someone to hold your hand in times of trouble and pray for you and with you. He asked if we as Christians were being daysmen for not only the lost, but also for our fellow Christians who needed us. It was a very good point, and as you said, we all see something different when we look at a verse. The Lord gives each of us just what we need! What a wonderful God we serve!!


    • I was just reading something about the “daysman” the other day and it was really fascinating stuff. It is neat how the Lord gives us each something different from each verse that we read and He is a wonderful God!


  2. Thank you, Ben! There is never a shortage of people to pray for,is there? Maybe that is why we are told to pray without ceasing! God bless you today as you plead with God for others . . .and I will too.


    • There really isn’t ever a shortage of people to pray for and that would tie in the with pray without ceasing verse. When you think about it, everyone needs prayer in one way or another. If they are lost, they need the Saviour. If they are Christians, but are weak or backslidden, they need His help and forgiveness. If they are doing everything right, they need prayer that they would be strong and stay that way!


  3. Ben, This is a great reminder of how we should be praying for our fellow Christians and for the lost. In legal terminology, the pleading is a paper that sets out all the relevant facts and points of your case and includes at the end the petition, which is what you are asking to be done by the court or jury. So your focus on the word “plead” for me means that I should be much more specific in my prayers, setting forth all the facts about the person I am pleading for and what I am asking God to do about it. Instead of saying, for example, “Lord, I pray for Sally’s health” and then moving on, I should say, “Lord, Sally is in dire health, the cancer has gripped her lungs and the doctors don’t know what to do. You know how much she loves you Lord. I ask Lord that you grant her healing, give wisdom to her doctors, and comfort to her family and friends.” Anyway, now I’m the one rambling. Peace, Linda


    • Thanks for the “ramble”- I had never seen it that way. I love it when someone else gives you a slightly different perspective on a verse or truth, like Earlene said with the daysman. I am definitely guilty of vague prayers and I know that I need to be more specific and I think that remembering this will help with that.


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