Look On My Affliction

Look upon mine affliction and my pain; and forgive all my sins.

Psalm 25:18

The second part of the verse is one with which we can all relate: “forgive all my sins”.  That is a prayer that I am sure we have prayed often and unfortunately, need to pray more often than we would like.  We all need forgiveness and we all need to pray for forgiveness often.  But it is the first part of the verse that grabbed my attention: “Look upon mine affliction and my pain…”

And I wondered what the Lord looking on our affliction and our pain would have to do with forgiving our sins.  And then it occurred to me that if the Lord looks on me when I ask for forgivenss, He might see all of my filthy pride.  All of the vain pride in my heart is not what I want the Lord looking at when I am asking for mercy and forgiveness.  Pride is one of the things (in fact, it is listed as the first thing) that Proverbs says the Lord hates. 

When we pray for mercy and ask the Lord to forgive our sins, we should want the Lord to look on the affliction and the pain and grief that our sin is causing us; we do not want Him to look on the filthy pride that so often infests our hearts.  Something to think about the next time we go to Him for forgiveness.

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  1. That is a very moving Psalm. I like verse 15. We are not to focus on our feet that have become tangled, but to Christ the Lord. It makes me think of the passage in Numbers 21:4-9, and John 3:14-16 where they were instructed to look at the image of the serpent high and lifted up when they were bitten, and we too, must look to Christ, the light of the world who comes to dwell in human hearts. He will continually shine His light, and we will continually see our sins and confess them, but, Praise the Lord! we are not to gaze at the wound, but at our Lovely Savior (Philippians4:8…the good report; not the bad report).

    Rejoice Ben. Your sins may be vile, but you are precious in His sight!



    • Great encouragement! Thank you for the kind words- just keep looking to Him. What a wonderful Savior! I had not thought of the serpent in the wilderness from that angle before- look to Him, not our wounds. I will have to keep thinking about that. Thanks!


  2. Ben, I have sometimes thought of the “affliction” in this verse as my sinful nature from which I need to be delivered from by God alone. But I like they way you have expounded upon this one simple verse, to focus on God looking upon the painful consequences of our sin. Peace, Linda


    • I agree. It is comforting to know that God knows that we are humans with a sinful nature. It doesn’t make sin any less vile or egregious, but it is still a comfort: “For he knoweth our frame; he remembereth that we are dust”.
      In Christ,


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