Majestic Sweetness Sits Enthroned

Majestic Sweetness Sits Enthroned

Samuel Stennett (1787)

Majestic sweetness sits enthroned
Upon the Savior’s brow;
His head with radiant glories crowned,
His lips with grace o’erflow,
His lips with grace o’erflow.

To Christ, the Lord, let every tongue
Its noblest tribute bring
When He’s the subject of the song,
Who can refuse to sing?
Who can refuse to sing?

Survey the beauties of His face,
And on His glories dwell;
Think of the wonders of His grace,
And all His triumphs tell,
And all His triumphs tell.

No mortal can with Him compare
Among the sons of men;
Fairer is He than all the fair
Who fill the heav’nly train,
Who fill the heav’nly train.

He saw me plunged in deep distress
And flew to my relief;
For me He bore the shameful cross
And carried all my grief,
And carried all my grief.

His hand a thousand blessings pours
Upon my guilty head:
His presence gilds my darkest hours,
And guards my sleeping bed,
And guards my sleeping bed.

To Him I owe my life and breath
And all the joys I have;
He makes me triumph over death
And saves me from the grave,
And saves me from the grave.

To Heav’n, the place of His abode,
He brings my weary feet;
Shows me the glories of my God,
And makes my joys complete,
And makes my joys complete.

Since from His bounty I receive
Such proofs of love divine,
Had I a thousand hearts to give,
Lord, they should all be Thine,
Lord, they should all be Thine.

I had never heard this hymn before until a fellow teacher gave me a CD for Christmas a couple of years ago that happened to have it.  I honestly don’t remember any other song on the entire CD, but that one stuck with me.  I would listen to it over and over again.  I think my favorite stanza might be “He saw me plunged in deep distress and flew to my relief, For me He bore the shameful cross and carried all my grief”.  “To Him I owe my life and breath and all the joys I have”- so true.  I owe Him everything.  He has given me everything that is good in my life.  Without Him, we would have nothing- no joy, no peace and no true happiness.  Truly we can, with the songwriter, “who can refuse to sing?” when the song is about Him!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful mothers out there!

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  1. Those are moving words. Have you ever read the word to “I stand Amazed in the Presence”?

    I stand amazed in the presence
    Of Jesus the Nazarene,
    And wonder how He could love me,
    A sinner, condemned, unclean.


    O how marvelous! O how wonderful!
    And my song shall ever be:
    O how marvelous! O how wonderful!
    Is my Savior’s love for me!

    For me it was in the garden
    He prayed: “Not My will, but Thine.”
    He had no tears for His own griefs,
    But sweat drops of blood for mine.


    In pity angels beheld Him,
    And came from the world of light
    To comfort Him in the sorrows
    He bore for my soul that night.


    He took my sins and my sorrows,
    He made them His very own;
    He bore the burden to Calvary,
    And suffered and died alone.


    When with the ransomed in glory
    His face I at last shall see,
    ’Twill be my joy through the ages
    To sing of His love for me.


  2. He took my sins and my sorrows, and made them His very own…

    I love that hymn and we just sang it at church this morning! The Lord must be wanting me to pay attention to it today. Thanks!


  3. It was your posting of Samuel Stennett’s beautiful hymn that caught my eye this morning. (Today is the 215th anniversary of his death.) If you’d like to learn more about him, and another hymn he wrote, I invite you to check out my daily blog, Wordwise Hymns, for this morning. God bless.


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