The spider taketh hold with her hands, and is in king’s palaces.

Proverbs 30:28

Most people seem to have strong feelings about spiders.  Most people seem to either hate or fear spiders.  Personally, I don’t mind spiders.  I’ve always thought at a tarantula would be an interesting pet.  Now I don’t think I would want one crawling all over me, but I don’t mind spiders.  Snakes are the creatures I fear.  But most people don’t give spiders much thought other than to step on one when it comes across our path.  But the Bible has something to say about spiders and therefore, there is something that we can learn from spiders.

This verse about spiders is included in a list of four things that Proverbs 30:24 describes as being “little on the earth,  but they are exceeding wise”.  Most spiders aren’t very big or powerful.  And yet you find them everywhere.  This verse tells us that they are found in “king’s palaces”.  How does a little, insignificant spider get into king’s palaces?  By “taking hold with her hands”. 

Have you ever noticed what happens when you destroy a spider’s web?  Does the spider have a temper tantrum and demand that you rebuild it?  After all, the spider’s web is essential to its survival.  Does the spider sit in the corner and mope and cry over all the work it put into the web?  Actually, I don’t know if the spider does any of these things as I am not an expert on spider behavior.  But I seriously doubt that it does.  When you destroy a spider’s web, what usually happens?  You come back the next day and the web is back.  The spider just picks up the work and keeps coming back. 

There is a great lesson for us here.  When things don’t go our way, how do we react?  Do we mope and whine or do we just keep working?  The reason a spider can be found in the king’s palace is her dogged determination.  You can destroy her web 50 times and, the next day, she will build web #51.  How many times in the New Testament were the Apostles beaten and imprisoned and persecuted?  And yet every time, they would simply shake off the dust and keep doing what the Lord wanted them to do.  Whatever God has given you to do, keep at it!

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  1. Posted by blackwatertown on May 4, 2010 at 5:51 am

    A spider is central to the Scottish story of Robert Bruce, the king who expelled the forces of England. After many reverses, Bruce had fled to Rathlin Island, off the north east coast of Ireland (you can see it from Ballycastle). He was sheltering (hiding) in a cave, watching a spider try and fail to spin a web. Again and again it tried and failed, until it ultimately succeeded. He was so inspired by the spider that he girded his loins once more and returned to Scotland to fight again and ultimately emerge victorious.
    That’s the story anyway.


  2. Great story! I had not heard that one before, but I will definitely remember it. Thanks.


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