Take Heed to Yourselves

Take good heed therfore unto yourselves, that ye love the Lord your God.

Joshua 23:11

Joshua has come to the end of his life and is giving the Israelites some advice before he passes on.  He has been with them when they first saw the land, as he was one of the men who went in to spy out the land.  He has been with them through all of the battles they fought in conquering the land.  He has seen the great victories the Lord had wrought on behalf of His people.  He knows that his time on Earth is short, and so he is giving the people a little more advice.

In this verse, he tells the people to take heed to themselves that they love the Lord.  Here are a few simple things that I got out of this advice:

1. The Lord is referred to as “Your God”.
-That is the first step in the Christian life- to make sure that the Lord is “your God”.  The Christian life is a personal relationship.  It can’t just be “God”, it must be “your God” and “my God”.

2. We are commanded to love the Lord
-Sometimes we get so busy just living- doing the day to day activities of life, that we don’t love the Lord like we ought.  We don’t necessarily do anything wrong, but our love of the Lord just starts to get cold.  We need to take heed that we don’t let that happen.

3. We are commanded to take heed to ourselves.
-Sometimes it’s easy to take heed to others.  It’s easy to look around and find fault with other people who aren’t loving the Lord like they should.  But this verse doesn’t tell us to watch everybody else and make sure they are doing right.  It tells us to watch ourselves and make sure we are loving the Lord.  Sometimes that’s a little more tricky.

This advice was good advice in the day of Joshua and it remains good advice in our day.

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