Read. Fear. Obey.

And it shall be, when he sitteth upon the throne of his kingdom, that he shall write him a copy of this law in a book out of that which is before the priests and Levites: And it shall be with him, and he shall read therein all the days of his life: that he may learn to fear the Lord his God, to keep all the words of this law and these statutes, to do them.

Deuteronomy 17:18-19

This passage is talking about the way a future king of Israel should carry himself and the things that he should do.  In these verses, he is told to write out a copy of the book of the law.  And after he has written a copy of the law, he is supposed to read it and obey it for the rest of his life.  He is supposed to do all of this so that he will “learn to fear the Lord his God”. 

We may not be kings of Israel, but we can gain some wisdom from these verses.  I have heard of people copying parts of the Bible just to help them study it and remember it, but even if we don’t go so far as to actually take a pen and write out parts of the Bible, we would do well to follow the rest of the verse- “read therein all the days of our lives” and “learn to fear the Lord our God” and “keep all the words of this law and these statutes, to do them”. 

We see a natural progression here: 1. Read the Bible.  Reading the Bible will will allow us to see the nature of God and will naturally flow into: 2. Fear the Lord.  Once we have a healthy fear of the Lord, we will naturally want to: 3. Do what He says.

Read.  Fear.  Obey.  Good advice for kings of Israel and good advice for average folks like us.

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