Isaiah 40:18-19

To whom then will ye liken God? Or what likeness will ye compare unto him?  The workman melteth a graven image, and the goldsmith spreadeth it over with gold, and casteth silver chains.

Isaiah 40:18-19

To whom then will liken God?  Good question.  Of course there is no one to whom we can liken God.  But how often have we tried to liken God to a man?  How often do we think of God like we think of ourselves or others?  How often do we, in our minds, try to bring God down to our level?

All through the world you can see the products of people trying to make images of God to worship.  These “gods” are just the creation of mens’ hands.  We see statues of Buddha and others like him that people worship.  But how can an omnipotent, omnipresent God be reduced to a simple image made my sinful, fallen man?  These “gods” that the workmen make with gold and silver are just that- gold and silver.  Elements that were created by the true and living God.   How can the creation (man) use another inanimate part of the creation (gold and silver) to try to fashion a god to rule over the Creator?  When we think about it, it really is a silly question.  But how many people down through the centuries have lived their lives worshipping an idol fashioned by the hands of a man?  Even in the Old Testament, we read over and over about God’s own people turning away from Him to serve idols.  We may not actually set up an idol made of gold or silver in our lives, but how often do we let things come between us and God?  Anything we give more love and more devotion to than God could be looked at as an idol. 

To whom will we liken God?  There is none like Him!

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