Just Do Them

If ye know these things, happy are ye if ye do them.

John 13:17

As Christians, our happiness is tied to our obedience.  If you want to live a happy life, obey the Lord.  Do what He says.  Of course, our first act obedience is to accept Jesus Christ as our Saviour.  After that, we become children of God and are to live a life in obedience to Him.  The entire Bible is full of promises of blessings, joy and happiness  for those who walk with Him and humbly serve Him.  But there are times when we aren’t obedient.  There are times when we decide that we would rather do things our way.  There are times when we decide that we know better than God.  There are many times that the flesh rears it’s ugly head and we don’t crush it.  But those are not going to be happy times.

When I was younger, I would rarely (OK, occasionally) not do what my earthly father told me to do (OK, fine- it happened fairly often).  These were not times of peace and happiness!  There were times when I sat on my bed “waiting for your dad to get home” (as mom would say).  There were times when I did something wrong, and I spent hours worrying that my dad would find out about it.  There were other times that I was grieved just to know that I had disappointed him.  It is a similar case with our Heavenly Father.  Only there is no waiting for Him- He is always there!  There is no worrying about Him finding out- He already knows!  There should always be grief over disappointing Him.

If we know what we should be doing (we find that out by reading, studying, and meditating in His word), we will be happy only if we are doing it.  How many times do we think we will find happiness by disobeying the Lord?  Find out what He says, and do it!

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